Radiant Firming Tonic 200ml

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 Dehydrated skin is intensively and long-lastingly supplied with more moisture. The skin is effectively protected from dehydration by the innovative Hydro Express Complex, which forms an invisible protective molecular network that continuously hydrates and protects the skin. Your skin looks fresh and smooth.

Within 30 minutes of application, the skin's own moisture level increases by 25% and this lasts for up to 48 hours.


Apply a thin layer of gel mask to the face and décolleté, including around the eyes. Incorporation time: 5-20 minutes. Remove residues with damp water and continue to care for the skin as usual. For maximum effect, leave the mask on overnight.

Tip: Also very suitable as an after-sun mask, after sports and after the sauna.


- Hydro Express Complex: Molecular network of natural biopolymers (hyaluronic acid, alginate and pullulan) with highly concentrated hydrating actives (glycerin, serine, trehalose and urea). The active substances are gradually released into the stratum corneum. The effectiveness of Hydro Express Complex has been demonstrated: Immediate improvement - increases moisture content by 25% after 30 minutes. Long-lasting protection - up to 48 hours of hydration, even after just one application. Optimized moisture retention capacity - extends hydration for up to 5 days after use

- Pullulan: This natural polysaccharide is obtained by fermentation using a fungus (Aureobasidium pullulans). It consists of glucoside units and is readily soluble in water. The major advantage of pullulan is its ability to form resistant elastic layers.

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