Refreshing Shower Mousse 200ml

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Refreshing Shower Mousse gently cleanses the skin, giving it new energy and invigorating freshness. Enriched with invigorating guarana extract and nourishing avocado oil, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, protected from drying out and supported in its moisture balance. 

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Apply the mask in the evening to cleansed hands, put on cotton gloves if necessary and leave it on all night. Also ideal as a daily aid for damaged, dry skin.


- Biotin: Biotin belongs to the B vitamins and keeps skin, nails and hair healthy. It also strengthens the nail structure and supports the skin's natural barrier. Biotin is also called vitamin H, where the H stands for "skin". This is further proof of the importance of this vitamin for beautiful skin.

- Urea: Urea (urine substance) is a component of the skin's Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). Urine substance allows the skin to retain significantly more moisture

- Bisabolol: Has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the natural regeneration of the skin

- Glycerin: Hydrates the skin and makes it more elastic

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